2,000 mosques, Islamic organizations registered as Lagos captures data of faith centres


Lagos State Commissioner for Homes Affairs, Dr. Abdul-Lateef Abdul-Hakeem: Registration of religious organisations in Lagos beneficial to all.

No fewer than 2, 000 mosques and Islamic organisations have been registered by Lagos State Government to ease resources allocation.

Confirming the registration of religious houses and organizations in the state, Commissioner for Home Affairs, Dr. Abdul-Hakeem Abdul-Lateef, argued that the registration of religious organisations was to have accurate data of every place of worship located in the state on a centralised database.

Though Abdul-Lateef did not state the number of mosques and Muslim organizations registered but said 10,000 religious organizations have been captured by the government in the ongoing registration of religious organizations in Lagos State.

Speaking at the 2017 Ministerial press briefing, the commissioner explained that the registration was free and was for data gathering, orientation and to strengthen security arrangements in the state.

According to him, “This is to allow the State Government have a reliable data of religious organisations and their locations, with a view to carry them along with state government policies.

“It is expected that the policy, because of effective resource allocation and efficient management inherent in it, will bring and extend benefits to many more churches and mosques in the State. At present, the website has over 10,000 data of religious organisations including Mosque across the state,” he added.

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