Our hearts tremble and bleed! The DEFENDER mourns 49 Muslims killed for being Allah’s slaves in New Zealand!


Our hearts tremble and bleed!

That your lives were cut down for no other reason

    than you were slaves of Allah.

..and that you said Allah is your Lord!

    But remember Allah’s promise unto you, brethren:

“Innalaziina qalu r-robbunallah summa istaqa’mu

“Tatanazalu alayhim malaikah, 

  “Ala takha’fu wala ta’sanuun,

“Wabushirul-jannah allati uhidatil mu’taqiin”

Meaning: “

“Surely those who say Our Lord is Allah and thereafter stands firm on it,

“Angels shall descend from heavens upon them,

“The Angels shall say unto them: ‘Fear you not’

“And will give them glad tiding of Al-Jannah

“Which has been prepared for only those who are rightly guided”

-May Allah repose your gentle souls in Jannatul-Firdauz!

Mourning by The DEFENDER Newspaper Family in Nigeria!

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