It’s Atikulate! A reaction to Atiku Abubakar’s PDP Presidential primaries victory, by Akan Ebenezer


Atiku Abubakar: He once regretted not including Lagos in the rigging project with which he took the entire South West from AD in 2003.

Saraki had his doubts cleared. There are small ponds, and there is a big pond. Being “smart”, he was supposed to play well in the big pond, but he has allowed his dubious nature to get ahead of him. Nobody trusts a snake.

Tambuwal miscalculated when he thought Wike would make a convenient shortcut to wooing delegates. He believed too much in the Wike hype of being in control of the PDP, but that support could only get him to second place.

Wike might be a “god” in the creeks, but when it comes to national politics, it’s just a lousy tout with deep pockets that he threw up system.

You don’t browbeat people at this level, especially when you can’t enforce and infantile threats, or impress men who are richer than you would ever be. Now I have to go home and deal with Wammako.

Kwankwaso should go home and play Tom and Jerry with Ganduje. That is what you get when you are imbued with inordinate ambitions. Or when you listen to too many voices whispering in your head at night.

The FPAs – “Former Presidential Aspirants”, and what they spent would not have been a waste.  The “FPA” is now a National Merit Award.

For Wike, I tried, but Atiku was already a politician when Wike was still dragging IGR with harassed shop-owners in Obio/Akpo.

While Wike doubted Atiku’s call for restructuring, the man went around the country telling them under stories and buying consciences.

I heard they spent enough, but I was not there, they were saying that Atiku spent like a man on a mission – a man who knew this would be his last attempt and hope for ever becoming awa. A prize has been coveting for decades.

If nothing else, we could say the results have been fair, and nobody imposed – but typical of our politicians, the grumbling will start sooner or later. Dreamers will go home and dream about their regrets. Some will forgo politics for a while. And some will just withdraw themselves.

Now, he has Buhari with “15mil” you already voted in the kitty to deal with; the man that shunned him and never gave him a call to discuss national issues. Now he has a platform to tell us all he had to say, and by the end of February, 2019, we will clear his doubts for all eternity.

As for me, I am going to have a lot of fun watching my friends for another Islamic, Fulani Grandpa with a “Diploma” in Hygiene and questionable, corrupt antecedents who cannot even get to “Amelika” like Eddie Murphy.

*Akan Ebenezer posted this on his Facebook social media wall in reaction to Atiku’s victory as Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)’s victory at the just concluded Port Harcourt, Rivers State National Convention of the Party.

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