Replying to comment over Buhari’s health and attitude of Nigerians: From Facebook


Typical African vulnerable masses in the end left to their own fate by the elites who used and dumped them. Will Nigerian masses learn from histories within and around them?

As for me, one thing that I have enjoyed most in my young life is that I am once and for all part of the process (whether directly or indirectly) for fixing Nigeria. And I have done that very actively within my own little capacity. And the result of it is that, with Muhammadu Buhari in power, we have been able to see the truth about the many years of cries of Nigerians. We see that both Nigerian elites and Nigerian masses are themselves the problem. The hypocrisy in it therefore is that, we should not have deceived ourselves into saying that we needed somebody to help us kill corruption that had been the cause of our lack of roads, lack of quality health delivery services and other social amenities.

If you say you have a problem and you have cried over it for many years, when you get somebody to fix it for you, you allow him to do it. Agreed that Nigerians who wanted Buhari to solve the problem for them are more than those who chose to stand with the corrupt party. But when the fixing began, even those that wanted it denied they ever did, more because those that are in charge of amplifying voices chose to allow the corrupt ones to be louder than those fighting against their corruption and you know Nigerians; no probe of information, no asking of questions about source and authenticity of source of information and, gbam! They take it (correct or incorrect) and that is what we have.

More worrisome is that, the so called Editor (celebratant of Bisi Akande’s misinterpreted comment about Buhari’s health) that this post is referred to cannot vividly come open to say one thing that Buhari has done that is wrong. He just chose to hate him because a personality in his part of interest who threatened to shut down Buhari’s government in 72 hours is hypocritically disfavoured. Many of these respected people that come in the open to stand with the corrupt side won’t tell you what personal interest is propelling them to declare public hatred for Buhari but they forget that the tool of the media in their hands which they are misdirecting and misusing is owned solely by Almighty Allah. The day Allah would redirect it and use it against them, it will not stop in the life of this world but will go with them through the grave to the accumulated disgraces of all ages on resurrection day.

That is the point. It is not about what does Lai Mohammed want to say about this or not. President Muhammadu Buhari has done his part. The pathetic thing is that, Nigeria may finally not see help any more, except if it is wrong that Muhammadu Buhari has done against the corrupt people that we generally allow to get hugely vocal and who we celebrate as if they are the best of our society.

I am quite convinced within me that we have a price generally to pay for allowing the evil ones among us to be the loudest to the extent that their loudness has taken us to where we are. Any little thing, even if Buhari says he wants to take panadol, they sensationalise it and that has always been led by a Nigerian governor and some leaders of a party that we only two years ago sent out of government due to their unpardonable evils against our humanity and sins against Nigeria. Now, after we sent Muhammadu Buhari to do a risky job of killing the dangerous corruption that our talk-talk, complaints and protests had failed to kill over the years until it entered into our blood altogether, all we can do is ridicule him over the health issue that he got doing it.

This reason, for sure, Allah may not send a helper to Nigeria again. But at the point we are, we still have an opportunity to change for better because Muhammadu Buhari’s health has nothing to do with governance. We have two people, one President, the order supporting President (VP). Buhari has arranged government structure to ensure that nothing happens to him that would affect Nigeria moving forward. Instead of us to join in helping the President to look after his health, caused by us, what we can do in appreciating him is to mock him. God is watching.

Yes! You the vulnerable Nigerians that have never had hope of who to speak or work in your interest but who only two years ago got one but are yourselves working against the very helper, God is watching you! You Nigerian motorists, who have complained about deaths on Lagos-Ibadan Expressway as a result of unattended road but who are now hopeful of a good road almost completed but have joined in ridiculing Muhammadu Buhari, God is watching you!

We shall see how the #CorruptionFightBack you are supporting to return to power will help you if you miss the current opportunity that you have. Buhari’s health or death has nothing to do with Nigeria moving forward because the Aisha’s husband that is the Nigeria’s number citizen currently has always demonstrated to us that his main purpose in government is for Nigerians and Nigerians alone assisted by Almighty Allah. But the way I see you Nigerians, God forbid, if anything happen to him today, instead of you to be calm and let the supporting President (VP) move on, the same you will team up with the enemies and disrupt governance. That is who you are.


*This piece was picked from the Facebook Wall of Prince Bashir Adefaka, a Lagos-based journalist and social media activist.

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