New Hausa movie, Yarena, on the way to remove language barrier issues among Nigerians


Isa Umar, Turakin Kongo: Film producer.

A new film by a member of Kannywood, Isa Umar, is currently undergoing mixing preparatory to being launched into the nation’s movie market.

The movie titled, “Yarena” meaning “My Language”, according to the Executive Producer, Isa Umar, is an intervention to resolve issues cropping up all the times over intermarriages in the country.  It will, like others, be subtitled in English.

Speaking to The DEFENDER in Keffi, Nasarawa State, the Turankin Kongo said, “We arrived at the idea to produce this movie to solve the problems associating with intermarriages due to differences in languages or tribes.

“You bring another woman from a different tribe and your parents hate her because she is not of your language.  This has become an issue among the tribes’ people of Nigeria and it is necessary for us to make an impact in solving the problem.

“We are making this film to preach togetherness, that regardless of religious, ethnic or racist differences, we are one and so, that we should not hate or fight one another,” he said.

Asking that since the blood of one Nigerian is not different from the blood of the other, “Why then do you hate your fellow citizen especially in the same country?”

He added, “We feel the same way so no need to fight.”

According to him, 10 guest actors including Ladidi Fagge from Kano, Aisha Aliyu Tsamia, Adam A. Majidadi, Saidu Yunusa and himself, Isa Umar, were on ground at the Kebbi location where he spoke to this online newspaper to actualize the dream of being the tool for removing language barrier associating with inter-tribal marriages in Nigeria.

Umar did not stop until he had expressed the challenges movie producers face with piracy and called on government to come their aide against the economic saboteurs.

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