Nnamdi Kanu on his way to flee Nigeria through Cameroonian borders – Media Report


Nnamdi Kanu: "Missing leader of terrorist IPOB.

*Troops should be on his trail – Respondent

The leader of the terrorist group, Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, who was said to have been scared into hiding by fear of Operation Python Dance II,  is now revealed to be planning to flee Nigeria through the Cameroonian borders.

This revelation was coming from Arewa Youths Consultative Forum (AYCF), which claimed to be in the know of the terrorist group leader’s plan to escape.

It would be recalled that Kanu had claimed exclusive powers to burn down Nigeria should he be arrested.  And with his Biafra Secret Service (BSS), he believed he was already in “Biafra” country within Nigerian country with his dangerous propaganda all over the place aside the killing in Oyigbo, Rivers State of Hausas an action his group was believed to have carried out to cause confusion in the country.

Against expectation, however, at the sight of movement of equipment into the South East by Nigerian Army, Kanu and his co-terrorist commanders noticeably became missing in action.

But AYCF said intelligence reports at its disposal had revealed that the terrorist leader was on his way to the Cameroonian borders where he could easily escape from Nigeria.

Kanu and top leaders of IPOB were said to have gone into hiding following the declaration on Friday by the Nigerian Army that IPOB is terrorist organisation.

The President of AYCF, Mallam Shettima Yerima, in an interview on Sunday in Jos, said, “We are aware that he is scheming to find a way of escape through Cameroonian borders, which is easier for him to move and run back to where he belongs.

“He is on his way looking for how to run to Cameroon and that we are aware from our intelligence reports.”

In the meantime, a respondent has advised the military and police to be on the trail of Kanu in ensuring that his fleeing justice is impossible.

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