Oak TV apologises to Minister over professional misconduct against him


Alhaji Lai Mohammed, Nigeria's Minister of Information and Culture.

The Oak TV, a satellite television operating in Nigeria, has apologized to the Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed for an error in a conversation with him on Wednesday.

Alhaji Mohammed spoke on the Shiites leader, in light mood and manner meant to be off record only to help journalists know that the sect leader is not under any stress nor being maltreated in custody, but the journalists of Oak TV recording same and went ahead and let the video into the public and has thus earned the minister all manner of criticism.

The DEFENDER’s findings showed that in journalism it can happen that a source of journalist information is entitled to benefit of “off record information” which must not be made public by any journalist so in possession of same.

This online newspaper gathered further that it is one of the qualities of a good, efficient journalist that he has ability to keep the secret of his information source secret else, he risks losing access to quality information and thereby rubbishing the integrity of his or her new media in the eyes of the public.

In apologizing over the embarrassment caused the minister by the wrongful handling of the sensitive information, management of Oak TV – in a letter titled “Letter of Apology” dated Thursday November 8, 2018 addressed to the minister – admitted that its organization committed an embarrassing error in its reporting regarding the conversation but that it profoundly apologized.

It added that all team members involved in the professional misconduct had been sanctioned and promised to do more to tighten its gatekeeping responsibilities.

The letter said: “On Wednesday, Oak TV made some error in its reporting regarding a conversation with the Minister of Information.

“This is an error which we regret.  All team members involved have been sanctioned, and we would do more to tighten our gatekeeping responsibilities.

“We apologise and regret any embarrassment this might have caused the minister.

“Please be assured our highest esteem and regards,” management, Oak TV pleaded.

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