Ousting Nigeria, not Buhari from power Saraki’s goal – BACN


Bukola Saraki: Kwarans want his grip on their lives ended by 2019.

By Busola Samuel

The embattled Senate President Bukola Saraki has been accused of plotting against Nigeria and not really against President Muhammadu Buhari.

President of the Canada-based Battles Against Corruption in Nigeria Group (BACN), Mr. Waheed Seriki, made this known in a message to The DEFENDER on Tuesday.

Seriki, who is currently in Nigeria perfecting his group’s preparation towards supporting the government in its anti-corruption drive and mobilize its Nigerian side towards full participation in the February general elections, said the “main goal” of Saraki was to oust Nigeria from ongoing economic and infrastrucural rearmament of the government and enslave the citizens “but not just to unseat President Muhammadu Buhari from government”.

“Saraki is a man of devilish and greedy ambition that does not have anything to offer the country rather than realize his selfish agenda of becoming Nigeria’s President.

“The Senate President, who is suffering from Power Hungry Disorder (PHD) disease, has been going round the states of the federation to seek the support of Nigerians in his bid to achieve same purpose of becoming President.

“Nigerians should be careful and stay away from people like Bukola Saraki and his colleagues, who are parading themselves as intended contestants for the post of president of the country in 2019.

“His likes do not have any plan for the country’s development and advancement rather than fulfill their ambition of becoming president of the country and continue their characteristics of looting the country’s resources.  Therefore, his game plan should not be allowed to succeed, otherwise Nigeria as a nation will witness something worst than 16 years of previous rule of the PDP.

“It is undisputable fact that whatever this man lays his hands upon is always a failure. Nigerians should not forget the collapse of Societie Generale Bank when Bukola Saraki was one of the directors of the bank and all the bank’s customers lost their money because of his and his colleagues’ mismanagement.

“The same fate became the lot of Trade Bank, when Bukola Saraki was the governor of Kwara State and used his position as governor of the state  to manipulate and collapse the bank for his personal gains.

“Nigeria may not be able to recover from another collapse if we allow him and other politicians of questionable integrity and character to win the next election.

“He had never been a good manager of any company or institution. It will be a disaster if someone that cannot manage company or state successfully be allowed to manage the affairs of the nation.

“When making choice in 2019 election, Nigerians should be able to identify between people that are only desperately seeking for power and influence and someone like President Muhammadu Buhari, who is ready and willing to continue to serve the nation.

“The likes of Saraki should be given red card from Nigerian politics in the next election to save the country from imminent collapse again and enable President Buhari to continue his work of repositioning, reviving and revitalizing the country’s economy and infrastructure.

“It will be a shame and calamity for Nigeria to return Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to government just four years after they ousted from power for plunging the country’s economy  into total state of recession.

“If there is any president Nigeria needs presently and in the next election, it is someone like President Buhari, who has proved to the nation both in his words and actions that his goal is to serve the people and take Nigeria out of the social, economic and infrastructural decays.

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